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AIR Browser version 1.8

Salut !

Une nouvelle version de AIR Browser est maintenant disponible sur Android Market et BlackBerry App World.

La mise à jour corrige le bug du presse-papier (désolé pour ça).

J'ai également modifié le panneau du presse-papier pour qu'il s'affiche correctement en mode portrait et j'ai ajouté le support du néerlandais (NL).

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  1. I can no longer cut and paste files on air browser for blackberry playbook. please advise.

  2. What’s new on version 1.9 &1.9.1 ?

    thanks for this usefull app !

    • Hi Dromax,

      – manage file extension in lower/uppercase
      – update the list of file extension that can be opened by native application

      As I previously explained, BB doesn’t display release detail. So I will update the app description for the futures updates.


  3. The primary reason I want to use your application is to manage my bb playbook bookmarks (mostly I would like to rename / alpha sort them). Native capability does not seem to have this capability when I go to the « Bookmarks » section of your application, i do not see any of my bookmarks, however, I have created many bookmarks that I can see from the bookmark section within my bb playbook browser. Perhaps I’m misusing your application? Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    • Hi Jim,

      The bookmarks folder shown on the AIR Browser doesn’t contains the browser’s bookmarks.
      You can browse your playbook folders by using another app or by using your desktop machine to check it.
      Creating bookmarks into this folders won’t work, it doesn’t shows up in the browser.


  4. Because Air Browser not inclued the files of BlackBerry Bridge. I wish managemenr my smartphones files…

  5. Just received an update to V 1.17.1 of the Air Browser for my Rim Playbook. On startup it shows an icon with a question mark in it and under that the message:

    Oops, Can’t get the filesystem!
    RootFolder is unaccessible.

    leaving the application pretty much useless. The left hand side shows the contents of Shares, bur selecting any of the subdirectories displays none of my files. I am at the currently released OS level os the playbook os.



  6. hi, your app is really good, may you add support to .css .js .php .htm .html files to edit it in text editor. Thanks! if you can add its will be very good for webdev

    • Hi Dmitriy,

      Next release will support CSS file.
      The others extension are already supported for editing.
      HTML and HTM are natively supported by the Playbook, so I’ll keep the launch option for these.


  7. Hi there,
    When i first installed, it asked something about accessing my personal info so i automatically said « no ». Since then, i can’t do anything with Air Browser. Can’t even un-install to reinstall again to say « yes ».
    Any way to get it working?

    • Hi Peter,

      The message was about accessing your files…

      Make sure you have AIR Browser installed.
      Then go to the PlayBook preferences (top-right icon)
      Security -> Application Permissions

      Let me know if you’re having troubles.


  8. I just installed AirBrowser 1.8 on my PB and selected No by accident to the initial security question about accessing my files. When I open the app there is no functionality (no buttons work when I click them). I tried uninstalling and reinstalling but never get the security question again. How can I reset everything?

    • version 1.19 not 1.8

      • Hi Pam,

        Check the important note below the screenshots on AIR Browser page.

        If the application does not display any folder / file, it is probably because AIR Browser is not authorized to access your files.
        The solution is to go into the control panel of the tray (wheel icon notched on the top right)
        Select Security > Application Authorizations and ensure that file access is « Allowed ».


  9. where can i get / download this apps by ota ?

  10. Hi. I tried renaming a photo. The add file extension box was checked. When I saved the file no file extension showed in the file name and when I tried to open the file it said it was an unsupported file type and would not open. Next I tried moving a video file from my camera folder to the My Videos folder. when I try to play the video now I only get the sound but no picture. In light of what happened in renaming a photo, I did not try to rename the video. Please tell me what I’m doing wrong before I lose any more files. Thank you.

    • Hi Sarah,

      The next release (1.22.1 – awaiting for validation) will allow you to add extension for files that don’t have extension.
      This will allow you to revert the missing extension to your photo…
      Changing files extension is very dangerous. Unlike MacOS, the other OS need the file extension.

      Your issue with your video is another problem. Moving file is very « light ». It doesn’t require a lot of resources…
      I’ve moved video files from several GB without any problem. Are you sur your video file wasn’t corrupt before the operation?
      You can try again by copying a file, check its integrity, then delete the original one…


  11. I really liked your app but i found a problem that forced me to delete it from my playbook. it was preventing me from attaching files to emails in my bridged email. i noticed in app world comments that others have similar exerience.

  12. Je veux vous merciez tout vos applications son bon!

  13. Hi,

    I’m working on a project. I’m using Air For Android(in FlashBuilder=>actionscript mobile project), and i would like to take a picture and store it on the device. The user should be able to select the folder where he/she wants to save it. But I can’t find a way to do this. Do you have a solution?

    Thank you.
    Very nice work 🙂

    • Hi Timon,

      I never used the camera for taking a picture…

      Here is some advises for your project:

      1. Manifest:
      Don’t forget to allow your app to access to the camera:

      You should use the device auto-focus:

      2. AS3 Code
      You will need the CameraUI Class
      This class will allow you to use the device camera user interface to take a picture (or a video). Once your picture taken, you will receive the media object as a MediaPromise Class.

      The picture taken is stored in a temporary folder, you can get the path by using the « relativePath » property of MediaPromise and the File instance by the « File » property of this class.
      Once you’ve chosen the target folder, simply move the picture by using the methods « moveTo() » or « moveToAsync() » (better option) of File Class.

      You may have to copy the picture taken in the target folder instead of moving it (closing the MediaPromise will delete the picture in the temp folder).

      I’m not sure this will work perfectly, let me know if you’re having any troubles…

  14. i have air browser downloaded on a new playbook. i have several downloaded files in Adobe but your application doesn’t show them. it says i have no files. What am i doing wrong?

    • I Ron,

      Did you allow the app to access to the file system?
      Check your Security settings > Application authorizations > AIR Browser

      Let me know

  15. It was that easy. Thanks very much. A great app!

  16. i would like to be able to open ascii text files to view and/or edit, but the extensions are not txt. for example cpp, tex, c, asm, etc. Is there be bring up « open with » dialog? or allow me to add new extensions to the supported list? thanks

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