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AIR Browser 1.24.0: Search Engine


The new version of AIR Browser (1.24.0) includes a Search Engine.
Important: the file indexing is NOT automatically updated. You will need to refresh the file index regularly.


AIR Browser: BlackBerry Playbook OS 2.0


The new Blackberry Playbook OS should be available in early February.

Event if I'm working on a new release specially for this OS version (new SDK version, etc...), the current version of AIR browser (such as the others apps AIR Calc and AIR GReader) are working fine with the new OS...


[PlayBook] AIR Browser issues: No files

Hi again,

After installing for the first time AIR Browser (or during the first launch), you should have a message panel for allowing the app to access to the device file system (only the file system!).

In case you reject the authorization, the app wouldn't be able to display any content.

The solution is to go into the control panel of the tray (wheel icon notched on the top right)
Select Security > Application Authorizations > AIR Browser
Ensure that file access is "Allowed".

You can see this tip in AIR Browser page.
The Search engine should help you to find some tips...

Thank you


AIR Browser updates


I did many releases recently, then I'd like to explain the last features.

1. File extension
I was reticent to provide this option because of this operation is very dangerous. Inexperienced users could be bothered by the fact they can't open their files anymore...
Now users can change any file extension, and add extension to a file even if it doesn't have one.

2. Image Thumbnail
I had some problems with this, Did a couple release to fix it.
By clicking on the folder icon on the top menu bar, you will see a check-box to enable/disable the thumbnail display. This option is persistent: closing the app won't reset your choice.
For those who having images folders containings many HD pictures, the last release improve the thumbnail display and prevent the saturation of the memory (and crash).

The next release will revert English as the default language. I just forgot to revert it after testing the languages.
Always about languages, the Portuguese language should be available soon! Thank you Diego.

If anyone is interested to help me by providing me translation services, I will be thankful.
I will provide you the English version (or any available).
There is no big deal, just few labels to translate... It shouldn't take so long...

Thank you


Flash Font Creator available for download


I decided to share Flash Font Creator without embed Flex SDK (very mush lighter like this!).
So you MUST have previously download and installed the Flex SDK on you computer to use this software.

This should be very useful for many AS developers.
This release was build with the lastest version of AIR (v2.7)



AIR Calculator release 1.3.1


There is a new update for AIR Calculator in order to activate the copy to clipboard function.
I've changed the result alignment and fixed a bug during the clear function.

The release 1.3.1 is now available on Android Market and soon on BlackBerry App World.


AIR Browser release 1.8


AIR Browser update  is now available on Android Market and BlackBerry App World.

This release fix the clipboard issue (sorry).

I changed the clipboard panel to fit well on portrait mode and added the NL language support.


AIR Browser release 1.7


I've just released an update for AIR Browser.
I tried to improve the user interface and I had zip file support

Depending the file extension, you should be able to open or extract selected file.
You still can't open files on Android 2.2.

Unfortunaltely, I shouldn't be able to support other archive format such as rar...

Available now on Android Market and very soon on BlackBerry App World.


AIR Browser update for Blackberry Playbook


In view of the many comments and success of the AIR Browser, I have just submitted an update for opening files from the application.
This version (1.5) is only available for Blackberry playbook just by what it doesn't work on Android (with my Galaxy Tab).

I hope this update will meet your expectations, until I redo a nicer interface.

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AIR Google Reader validation

I got a second email about the AIR Google Reader validation from BlackBerry.

The app should available soon on The BlackBerry App World.

I've submitted 2 releases (the second one few days later), both are validated...
This validation occurs less than 24 hours after that of AIR Calculator.

In the mean time, RIM has officially announced the Blackberry Playbook release date on April, 19th (North America).
Still no release date for Europe or other areas...

[EDIT] AIR Google Reader is now available on the Blackberry App World.