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Notification Center

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Notification Center. Android only

Manage alerts and lock your device depending on the time, your location, your activity.

"Do Not Disturb" Mode
Set a schedule where your device remains silent.

Flashlight notifications:
Turn on the flash of your camera when receiving a message, a call, an email, a notification...

You can assign a profile to all connected / plugged peripheral.
Headset (wired or wireless), Wifi, Bluetooth device, charger, car kit, etc …
When multiple profiles are applied, the ringer mode selected is the louder and the security mode the more permissive

Each profile can change the ringer mode of the device (silent, vibrate, ring).

Activate the safety management of your device by the Notification Center so you can enable or disable the lock code of your device for each profile.

For example:
- Unlock your device when you get home
- Change the ringer to vibrate when arriving at the office
- Change the ringer mode, and unlock your device only once when your headset is connected. It will automatically lock when you unplugged from.

- Once the user "Do Not Disturb" enabled, you can disable it for the night or permanently from notifications
- You can disable flashlight notifications during silent mode
- When you first launch the application, the current ring style will be considered the default.
- Switch off wifi and bluetooth, disconnect all wire in order to select a ring style and set it as default
- The application must have access to the notifications to activate flashlight when receiving a Google notification.
- Disable the security settings to more easily uninstall the application