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Flash Font Creator

Flash Font Creator is a desktop application used to convert Font files into SWF file in order to be used for web, desktop or mobile Flash application.

Made by using AIR, the FFC accept OTF font files and most of TTF font files. There is no support for Mac Fonts.
It's embedding a Flex SDK "Lite" to manage compilation on every computer.

I'm using this application for 3 years now, it's easier and faster than using templates, scripts, tasks...

FCC is published for Windows only (works on XP, Vista, Seven) because I'm working exclusively on Windows. But, if the need arises (not sure of the translation), I will release Mac OS and Linux version.

I've begun registering to the Adobe MarketPlace, but I quickly dropped the idea because of the multiples form to fill. Too much paper for a 1 year free certificate.
Moreover, I don't want to sell these apps, just share them...

Features :

  • Manage font weight and style by using a pattern for the files name
  • Select between multiple characters range
  • Select network security (domains, allow network)
  • Use CFF option (TextLayout)


Flash Font Creator

Flash Font Creator

Download Flash Font Creator for Windows here.
You need to download and install the Flew SDK before using this sofware.