TheKroBox Nicolas CHAIX | ANDROID / AS Developer


Here is a little presentation of myself:

I'm a French ActionScript Developer working for some Media Agencies for 11 years.
I'm working on Full Flash website, using AS3, PHP, Javascript, XML, CSS,...

My favourite tool for developing is Eclipse with FDT plugin. This awesome plugin for Eclipse makes it the best AS Editor for me.
Compilation, Packages, Certificates creation, ... All these are managed by multiples ANT Task.
By adding some plugins, I manage PHP, CSS, XML, AS, ANT, files with full completion / code correction

I made a few years ago an AIR Application (desktop) to manage Fonts for Flash.
Daily used, it was updated on each AIR upgrade (last most important feature : using native process).
This App allow me to create quickly and easily a SWF file embedding a specific characters range and multiple options (network, FCC, style, weight).

For business need, I develop Android Apps in Java. Mainly it provide better performance.

More information on Flash Font Creator page.

AIR is a technology that has always interested me. But it is the multi-screen project that allows us to publish the same application on multiple platforms that I am the biggest fan!
That's why I got into these small applications. The goal is to evaluate the performance and retrieve the boundaries, tips for making the application more efficient...

I choose to publish in English language in order to target the greatest number of people  and it offers me to practice my English (sorry for my mistakes!)