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AIR Browser 1.24.0: Search Engine


The new version of AIR Browser (1.24.0) includes a Search Engine.
Important: the file indexing is NOT automatically updated. You will need to refresh the file index regularly.

Just I didn't have the time and the courage to rebuild the whole application...

You will find another new panel that allows you to manage the AIR Browser options and the Search Engine index.

The App is "PlayBook OS 2.0 Ready". It will work fine with the new OS and will manage the files system changes.
An icon will mark the Android specific folder.
See more here.


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  1. Hello,

    This is a great application! Just a couple of issues with the new release I downloaded yesterday:

    – It has begun crashing, which never used to happen before;
    – The right hand panel in its landscape orientation, and the panel in its portrait orientation doesn’t respond unless I first open folders in the left hand panel in landscape mode first. When I then revert to the root, I need to use the left hand panel once again before I can open folders in the left hand panel;

    I use the playbook mainly for writing and office work, and this is surely the most useful app I’ve downloaded – many thanks!

    • Hi Chris,

      It seems the issue occurs only on the portrait mode. Can you confirm?
      Did you experienced others crashes on landscape mode?
      I will fix it soon!


  2. Oh, and a postscript: I forgot to add that the app crashed when I move files around sometimes, between five to seventeen…

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