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[PlayBook] AIR Browser issues: No files

Hi again,

After installing for the first time AIR Browser (or during the first launch), you should have a message panel for allowing the app to access to the device file system (only the file system!).

In case you reject the authorization, the app wouldn't be able to display any content.

The solution is to go into the control panel of the tray (wheel icon notched on the top right)
Select Security > Application Authorizations > AIR Browser
Ensure that file access is "Allowed".

You can see this tip in AIR Browser page.
The Search engine should help you to find some tips...

Thank you

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  1. I have download AIR Browser today (Jan 13, 2012). I have the playbook for a total of 2 days. When I open the AIR browser, it open all the folders but the “protected_media” folder has a pad lock icon on it and I cannot access it.
    Is this something new as all the images on your web site and elsewhere show that this folder is accessible. I have the os1.0.8
    I like to get into it to delete the default mp3 (Peter Yorn) and backup the other pictures. Thanks

    • Hi Zatoichiro,

      The screenshots are from an old version… I added these icons later.
      The Folder named “PROTECTED” is locked and you can’t use it. I don’t know why, It’s a Playbook OS restriction.


      PS: I’ve deleted the post duplicated

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