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AIR Browser updates


I did many releases recently, then I'd like to explain the last features.

1. File extension
I was reticent to provide this option because of this operation is very dangerous. Inexperienced users could be bothered by the fact they can't open their files anymore...
Now users can change any file extension, and add extension to a file even if it doesn't have one.

2. Image Thumbnail
I had some problems with this, Did a couple release to fix it.
By clicking on the folder icon on the top menu bar, you will see a check-box to enable/disable the thumbnail display. This option is persistent: closing the app won't reset your choice.
For those who having images folders containings many HD pictures, the last release improve the thumbnail display and prevent the saturation of the memory (and crash).

The next release will revert English as the default language. I just forgot to revert it after testing the languages.
Always about languages, the Portuguese language should be available soon! Thank you Diego.

If anyone is interested to help me by providing me translation services, I will be thankful.
I will provide you the English version (or any available).
There is no big deal, just few labels to translate... It shouldn't take so long...

Thank you

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  1. Lorsque j’active la previsualisation miniature des photos et j’ouvre mon dossier contenant plusieurs photos hd, l’application se plante

    • Salut Mikhael,

      Oui pour le moment, je te déconseille d’afficher les miniatures si tu as beaucoup d’images HD…
      J’ai déjà pas mal optimsé la chose, je vais essayer d’améliorer ça…

      Mais c’est essentiellement lié à la conception de l’appli. Je compte la refaire intégralement, un jour…

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