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AIR Browser: BlackBerry Playbook OS 2.0


The new Blackberry Playbook OS should be available in early February.

Event if I'm working on a new release specially for this OS version (new SDK version, etc...), the current version of AIR browser (such as the others apps AIR Calc and AIR GReader) are working fine with the new OS...

The file system doesn't change so much. A new folder named "misc" will appear in the root folder.
This folder is dedicated to the support of Android apps. It will contains the apps installed from Android Market.

In order to allow the Android App to access to the file system, there is some "virtual folders" linked to the Playbook main folders.
See below the list:

'/misc/android/DCIM/Camera' -> '/camera'
'/misc/android/Download'-> '/downloads'
'/misc/android/Movies' -> '/videos'
'/misc/android/Pictures' -> '/photos'
'/misc/android/Music'-> '/music'
'/misc/android/Podcasts' -> '/voice'

You will be able to manage this folders, but you must keep in mind every change in these folders will be reproduced to the linked folders.

By example:

  • The folder '/misc/android/Download' and the folder '/downloads' will contain exactly the same files and folders'/misc/android/Download' is a "virtual folder" or a shortcut to the folder '/downloads'.
  • If you remove a file from '/misc/android/DCIM/Camera' the same file will be removed form '/Camera'.
For those of you would like to install the Playbook OS 2.0 Beta, you can register here.
Be carefull, the update won't affect your current apps and your files. But the downgrade (if you want to revert version 1.0.8) will revert the default parameters, delete all your download apps and personal files.


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