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Flash Font Creator available for download


I decided to share Flash Font Creator without embed Flex SDK (very mush lighter like this!).
So you MUST have previously download and installed the Flex SDK on you computer to use this software.

This should be very useful for many AS developers.
This release was build with the lastest version of AIR (v2.7)



AIR Calculator release 1.3.1


There is a new update for AIR Calculator in order to activate the copy to clipboard function.
I've changed the result alignment and fixed a bug during the clear function.

The release 1.3.1 is now available on Android Market and soon on BlackBerry App World.


AIR Browser release 1.8


AIR Browser update  is now available on Android Market and BlackBerry App World.

This release fix the clipboard issue (sorry).

I changed the clipboard panel to fit well on portrait mode and added the NL language support.


BlackBerry Tablet OS Update


Just a notice for the new Playbook OS update (v1.0.5.2304).

The main feature is the support for other languages (ES, FR, DE, IT, NL) by adding a new tab in the properties panel.
On the top-right corner, a notification area is shown for Apps update (seems bugged for me: it says there is Apps update while they're already updated).
The battery panel is improved by luminosity control and stop, restart, pause buttons.

I'm experiencing an other bug, since the OS update, I can't connect to the BlackBerry App World on the Playbook...

The updated AIR SDK that contains the new simulator with the latest OS is not downloadable anymore, it suggests a new version will come soon to fix all these glitches (I hope so!)...

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AIR Browser release 1.7


I've just released an update for AIR Browser.
I tried to improve the user interface and I had zip file support

Depending the file extension, you should be able to open or extract selected file.
You still can't open files on Android 2.2.

Unfortunaltely, I shouldn't be able to support other archive format such as rar...

Available now on Android Market and very soon on BlackBerry App World.