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BlackBerry App World Submission

I have 2 app approved, I made some update to my profil, to the application's description and provide file updates form new release of my apps.

Here is some details about app submission on BlackBerry App World:

  1. Before uploading you BAR file, rename it by adding "_signed" (example:
  2. The file image ask will not be used by the device, it's used for the description page in the App World.
  3. Updating application and/or, logo requires approval
  4. Updating seller account information do not requires approval
  5. The updates are deployed arround 12:00 pm GMT in the BlackBerry App World

I hope these could help someone...


AIR Google Reader validation

I got a second email about the AIR Google Reader validation from BlackBerry.

The app should available soon on The BlackBerry App World.

I've submitted 2 releases (the second one few days later), both are validated...
This validation occurs less than 24 hours after that of AIR Calculator.

In the mean time, RIM has officially announced the Blackberry Playbook release date on April, 19th (North America).
Still no release date for Europe or other areas...

[EDIT] AIR Google Reader is now available on the Blackberry App World.


AIR Calculator available on BlackBerry App World

I've received the AIR Calculator approval from BlackBerry.
The app is now available on BlackBerry App World.

The approval request took 12 days for AIR Caculator.

I'm still waiting for AIR Google Reader approval. It was released the same day but I delivered a new one few days later...

Now, We have to wait the BlackBerry PlayBook Sale to test the app...

It's quite a bit disturbing to develop an app without device for testing it!
Hopefully, my Galaxy Tab allow me to test before the release.


French language available!


I just enabled qTranslate plugin on my website.

It seems working, I have to translate all pages/posts to french...

Complete translations should be done this week-end


AIR Google Reader update

A new version of AIR Google Reader is available.

Version: 0.8


  • Articles navigation improvement (swipe article to load previous/next article)
  • Adding possibility to manage articles' images loading (properties panel)

I've just added a new release for Blackberry.
I don't have any response to the first release submission, yet.

Because of my mess with certificates, I've unpublish the first release of AIR GReader and created a new one.
Google reject any application update that was signed with another certificate.


Android Market issue with Google Chrome

For those who can't access to the Android Market with Google Chrome, there is a simple solution:

  1. Open a new tab
  2. Got to the Advanced Options of Chrome
    or enter url: chrome://settings/advanced
  3. Find the "Security" menu (see screenshot below)
  4. check both SSL and TLS options


Chrome advanced options

Chrome advanced options

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Android submission II

AIR Google Reader is on the market!

Google rejects my bar file because of a certificate validity issue, but today I regenerate a new one with success. I don't know what I did wrong, I used the same script than yesterday...

However, all submission succeeded, I'm now waiting for approval...

The application is available here.

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Blackberry submission

After the reject of AIR Google Reader from Android Market, I was anxious about Blackberry submission...

RIM has a different app release approach, a bit longer, but I succeed the submission of both apps.

AIR Calc and AIR Google Reader are awaiting RIM's approval...
I hope a least one of them will be accepted before the march, 15...


Android Submission

AIR Calc 1.0 is on Android Market!

But Google rejects AIR Google Reader... I've got a message about my certificate expiration date.

I'm using the same for both... I still didn't get it!

However, my first app is online, I'm glad!

Here is the link for Android Market App page.

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Hello world!

Hi there!

First Blog, first post...

I will submit my apps this afternoon...