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Hi there!

This website is dedicated to personal training with ActionScript.

I'm a French ActionScript Developer using Eclipse and FDT plugin, I'm using ANT tasks to compile, package, deploy.
More about me.

In order to learn and to practice some new Flash Features, I made few multi-screen AIR applications for mobile devices.
I started with AIR Google Reader (RSS Reader) and AIR Calculator (Simple calculator) development for Devices running on Android (v2.2+) and Blackberry PlayBook (and future devices).
Mainly made for the PlayBook, I developed AIR Browser (File browser) because of the lack of file management on the device.
AIR Browser was quickly ranked among the most downloaded apps. I provide lot of support about it.
My first personal app made with Java, Notification Center was developed form personal use. I figured out other would be enjoy it, I will try to sell it.

I will provide technical support for these apps, I'd like to make it useful for people.
You're welcome if you would like to notice me for any feedback (bugs, improvement, translation, ...).

You can find many information by seeing the latest posts here.


Version Française disponible ici.